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Worldview Weekend with Summit Ministries

April 16 - April 17

April 16 – 17, 2021  |  Friday & Saturday

We will be hosting Summit Ministries on our campus! Summit Ministries helps young adults think critically about the Christian faith. Come hear from Brett Kunkle and Alan Shlemon on why worldview matters, why we can trust the Bible and understanding Mormonism and Homosexuality.

Unshakeable is all about how to have a wise and courageous faith 

It’s not easy to be a Christian today. We face pressures on our faith that cause believers to shrink back in fear and uncertainty. Studies show that three out of five young Christians disconnect permanently, or for an extended period of time, from church life after age 15. Only 2% of Millennials have a biblical worldview. And a majority of evangelical adults today are afraid to talk about Christianity because they cannot answer common objections to the faith.

Brett Kunkle​ is the founder and president of MAVEN (www.maventruth.com), a movement to equip the next generation to know the truth, pursue goodness, and create beauty. He has more than 25 years of experience working with junior high, high school, college students, and parents.

A dynamic communicator who engages both heart and mind, Brett speaks to thousands of students and adults at churches, seminars, conferences, and college campuses across the country. He has developed a groundbreaking approach to mission trips, creating a one-of-a-kind training experience that immerses participants in real-life engagement in worldview, apologetics, theology, and evangelism. MAVEN creates customized interactive missions experiences to Berkeley, California, and Salt Lake City, Utah, equipping participants to engage skeptics, atheists, Mormons, university students, and other nonbelievers with the truth of the gospel. Brett lives with his wife and five kids in Southern California.

  1. How Your Worldview Matters for Every Single Area of Your Life
    What is a worldview and why does it even matter? In this talk, you’ll discover that everyone has a worldview, but most people have never thought carefully about why they believe what they believe. Ironically, one’s worldview has profound consequences for all of life. We’ll take a quick look at the prominent worldviews in our culture and then discuss the very practical implications of worldview for how we live each and every day.
  2. Doubting Your Doubts: How to Deal with Doubt
    Everyone doubts—it’s part of being human. But doubt regarding God must be dealt with before it becomes destructive. To face the issue of our doubt head-on, first, we must identify the three different causes of doubt—intellectual, emotional and moral—and then we’ll be able to deal with it in helpful ways. Ultimately we’ll see how doubt can actually be a tool God uses to lead us into a deeper faith.
  3. Understanding Mormonism
    Mormonism remains a rapidly growing movement; and while it seems on the surface that Christians and Mormons believe the same things, Brett provides a deeper understanding of what Christians need to know about Mormonism and why it is important.

Alan Shlemon​ is a public speaker and author for Stand to Reason, an organization that trains Christians to share their convictions in a persuasive, yet gracious and friendly way. Alan has a unique ability to make complex issues accessible to anyone and is known for teaching on some of the most controversial issues of our time like abortion, evolution, homosexuality, bioethics, and Islam. He has been a guest on both TV and radio and has spoken to thousands of adults and students across the country at churches, conferences, and college campuses. Alan received his master’s degree in apologetics from Biola University.

  1. Why Should We Trust the Bible?
    It’s popular to beat up on the Bible these days, but many critics are uniformed and pass on urban legends about its unreliability. Since the Bible is foundational to our faith, it’s helpful to be equipped to answer these challenges. Alan will help you sort through the nonsense and provide a helpful mnemonic so the facts undergirding the reliability of the Bible are – literally – at your fingertips.
  2. Homosexuality: Truth and Compassion
    What should our relationship with friends and family who identify as gay or lesbian look like? Alan will help you answer that question in a way that’s faithful to the truth, but with grace. He’ll clarify what both Scripture and science say about homosexuality and then offer practical principles that will help guide your interactions with friends and family in an uncompromising, yet compassionate way.
  3. Tactics in Defending the Faith
    Have you ever been tongue-tied in a conversation about your faith or convictions? Are you ever unsure how to respond when someone challenges your religious beliefs? You’re not alone. There are some simple tactics – tools to maneuver in conversation – that can help you engage people on any topic. In this talk, Alan will show you how simple questions can help you productively advance a conversation about your faith. You’ll walk away feeling more confident and better equipped to make an impact on any topic and with anyone.

** How to Lead Worldview Conversations: Training for Parents and Youth Workers will be offered before the weekend seminar begins. **

Weekend Schedule

Friday, April 16, 2021

5:30p — Registration and check-in
7:00p — Session 1: ​How Your Worldview Matters for Every Single Area of Your Life (Brett Kunkle)
7:45p — Break
8:00p — Session 2: ​Why Should We Trust the Bible? (Alan Shlemon)
8:45p — Break
9:00p — Breakout Discussions (led by leaders)

Saturday, April 17, 2021

8:30a — Session 3: ​Doubting Your Doubts: How to Deal with Doubt (Brett Kunkle)
9:30a — Break
9:45a — Session 4: ​Homosexuality: Truth and Compassion (Alan Shlemon)
10:45a — Break
11:00a — Session 5: ​Understanding Mormonism (Brett Kunkle)
12:00p — Lunch and Q&A with Brett Kunkle and Alan Shlemon
1:00p — Session 6: Tactics in Defending the Faith (Alan Shlemon)
1:45p — Break
2:00p — Breakout Discussions (led by leaders)
3:00p — Workshop Concludes


April 16
April 17
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