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All along this journey our team has worked hard to consider all the factors and be wise with how we’re approaching our Sunday morning in-person gatherings so….

As you all know….
Our state and even our local county has been experiencing a spike in cases of late that has been unprecedented to date.

In addition, this past week a few of our staff have been experiencing cold and flu-like symptoms and a few are awaiting covid test results.

Because of these main reason along with a few others, out of an abundance of caution we believe it best if we press pause in our in person gathering for a minimum of two weeks. This means that we are ceasing all gatherings of Foothills Church for all sized groups and all ages. I know this will be received with disappointment by many of you. But, I appreciate your understanding.

Please stay tuned.

Let me make one point of clarification on something I’ve said in past Friday updates.

Over these next two weeks….Our office remains open if you need to drop your tithes and offerings by there during the week or you can continue to use mail or online giving options.

Also I wanted to brag on you as a church family…you are so generous. This year we have more families willing to provide a Christmas for families that need a little help, than we do families who need help. So, if you are in touch with someone who might be struggling to provide Christmas for their kids this Christmas please invite them to stop by the office and see Debbie.

Tree lighting this Sunday night cancelled.