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Mark Monroe // Colossians 2:6-15

“We (humans) are forgetful people”- Colossians 2:6-15

This is very true in my own life.  I regularly have to relearn truth, sometimes very fundamental truth, over and over again.  This forgetfulness causes me to resort back to how I lived, or better yet survived before I began to trust, lean and abide in Jesus.

I would fight, push and will power my way through obstacles (sin, hardships, anxieties) to try and claim a victory for myself, Jesus or my family and friends.  These battles commonly ended in defeat whether immediately or in some other form later on in life. 

But, it’s by God’s grace that I am continually reminded of this truth: We do not need to fight for victory in our life alone.  As children of God we are fighting a battle that has already been won by Jesus.

So instead, we can fight to abide with Him and His truth.  We should remain sharp and allow Him to conform us to His image.  But we must continually be reminded and refreshed in this truth that we have the authority given by Jesus Christ to push back the darkness of this world.  We have The Holy Spirit to lead our steps.  When we abide, we are never on our own.