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Mark Monroe // Psalm 73:21-28

When you watch the world, listen to the news, experience the unapologetic brokenness of humanity, it is easy to become closed off or detached from your surroundings. Even more, despair can take root when you look inside yourself and identify all the brokenness within. Where do you go from there?  Often, we choose bitterness, bitterness towards others, our circumstances, or even ourselves. Surely there is a better option?  Yes, there is.

Draw close to God with your whole being. The more we do so, the more we will experience the life that God offers.  You will see the world through God’s eyes, hear the news through God’s ears, have compassion on the broken and remain engaged in your life.  Your bitterness will look like foolishness when you know God and His great never-ending goodness.  So, do not get lost in the trees of brokenness, despair, bitterness and division but pull back to view the forest of God’s intricately made creation which testifies to His goodness and plan for you & humanity (Romans 1:20).

With this perspective it becomes easy to draw near to the Father and recognize and experience His goodness that has been at the heart of everything all along. Then, be encouraged because His goodness has no end!  So, when your heart and flesh fail and begins to lean towards bitterness, remember God will be your strength in all things.