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Matthew 10:12

Through the years I have heard really deep lessons on the many ways one can look more like Jesus.

But as I read my Bible, I am really struck at times by the simplicity of Jesus commands to His disciples. Here’s one of my favorites:

“As you enter the house, greet it.” – Matthew 10:12

Jesus instructs his disciples to greet people as they are going out to share the Good News. As you look closer at the life of Jesus, this isn’t just something He instructs others to do; this is something He lives by.

Jesus greeted some fishermen and they decided to devote their whole lives to Him.

Jesus greeted the Samaritan woman at the well and offered her a drink that left us with one of the most quoted stories in the New Testament.

Jesus greeted children and welcomed them to be with Him.

Jesus says hello to two men walking to Emmaus, shares the Gospel with them and eventually enjoys a dinner with them.

Where else does Jesus greet people in Scripture? Can you think of any?

I think sometimes we just need to look at the life of Jesus and try to do the things that He did. Jesus was nice to people, He greeted them. We can do that! Today let’s say hi to the waiter. Invite your neighbors and their children over for dinner. Take time to ask someone how they are really doing.