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Years ago, I was introduced to a remix of the gospels called The Harmony of the Gospels. It is an attempt to combine the Gospels into one chronological story of the ministry of Jesus. It allows the reader to see the consistency of the gospel narrative through the unique perspective of the Gospel writers.

This Christmas, I thought, why not pull out the Christmas story from the Harmony of the Gospels to get a similar experience reading about the birth of Jesus. I searched around for several resources and lists.

“Why?” you ask? I say, “why not?”

As a seasoned Christian, I’ve heard the Christmas story at the very least 37 times, but in reality, it’s in the triple digits. Iron Will or not, things can become stagnant in our hearts, and this story is too remarkable to allow it to stagnate, so I love reading it in new ways to see what God can reveal to me.

Below is my attempt at a Harmony of The Gospels with a few additions along the way. One such inclusion is Revelation 12, which I contend is the Spiritual backdrop under which the Christmas story takes place.

The birth of Jesus wasn’t only a beautiful story about God intervening in human history to ultimately bring about our salvation. It is Normandy beach of God’s salvation plan for humanity, a bulwark that the devil could not overcome and meant salvation for us all. It is truly an epic victory, and Revelation 12 bares that out. So when the Angel visits the Shepherds, it is more than a message; it is a victory cry for God. How great!

Click Here to Read The Christmas story

A rough outline (minus Revelation 12) can be found below if you want to read along on your own.

Have a blessed Christmas,