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Dr. Roy Price // Philippians 2:1-4

The “if” carries the meaning of affirmation, not of doubt. It is “because” we are in Christ that we are encouraged, “because” we have been loved we should learn to think alike, and so forth.

These four verses are among the strongest statements in the New Testament on the community of the church. To grow in our knowledge of God is “not” to become a theological fathead or a brain-on-a-stick.  It is to discern what God says and then do it.  It’s not complicated.

In this two day devotional we will reflect on 3 things:  1) Why the church must work at getting along?  2) What getting along with each other looks like?  3) How getting along can be achieved?

Why the Church Must Work at Getting Along (1)

  • Because we have been encouraged

“Encouragement” is speaking a word to strengthen based on the Word of God and given in the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Because we have been loved

This comfort of love is the result of someone caring enough to come alongside and speak in a friendly way.

  • Because we have fellowship with the Holy Spirit

“‘The Spirit has brought you into fellowship with one another’” (Life Application Bible, QuickVerse).

  • Because we have experienced affection and compassion

“Affection,” actually speaks of the intestines, where it was thought the affections originated.  It is a gut feeling.