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Dr. Roy Price // Philippians 2:1-4

What Getting Along with Each Other Looks Like (2)

  • I need to bring my personal viewpoint into submission to the community—“being of the same mind”

“Of the same mind” literally means to think the same. Paul is not asking that everyone have the same opinion.  That would create a drab gray fellowship.  Instead, the church is rich with color and contrast. God is a magnificent artist who is using the full spectrum of color to produce a painting of unsurpassed beauty.

  • I need to have greater concern for others than for myself

“Same love” describes a shared love, something both parties have in common. It is the love of Christ. It simply means I care more about my relationship with you than I do about my getting you agree with me.

  • I need to connect with other believers

“With one soul” states we are soul-mates. God is not glorified when believers are at each other’s throats, getting into fights over secondary issues, bad-mouthing one another, gossiping, eating the pastor for lunch, or attacking character.

  • I need to submit to God’s stated purpose for His church

Paul told the Corinthians to do everything for the glory of God. God’s purpose is God-glorifying lives. This overriding purpose should be the constant focal point of our activities and attitudes.

How Getting Along can be Achieved (3-4)

There is one thing I am not to do and one I am to do.

  • I must not be self-centered

The middle letter of pride is “I” and the middle letter of sin is “I”. An egotistical drive to glorify oneself destroys relationships.  It divides the church. “Empty conceit is thinking that my ideas are the only right ones.

  • I must practice humility

How seldom do we consider the other person better than us?  Isn’t it because we think we are better that we push our position or desires? 

Wrap Up

If diversity is ipso facto—a given, then how can we get along with each other? God established a leadership core to govern His church.  Each of us must be willing to come under the authority of the leadership of the church:  pastoral and elected (1 Thessalonians 5:12-13 Hebrews 13:17).