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I Remember A Conversation I Had With A Good Friend Of Mine Last Fall. School Had Started Up And All 3 Of My Kids Had After School Programs. Ministry Was Under Way And The Holiday Season Was Coming Fast. I Was Lamenting To My Friend About How Busy We Were And Wondering How I Would Survive The Year. I Even Mentioned How We Only Had 2 Evenings A Week To Eat Dinner Together As A Family.

Thanks To Social Distancing, I Have Had The Joy Of Spending Every Evening With My Family For The Last Two Weeks And As I Read The News It Looks Like This Will Continue For Another Four Weeks Or More. I Cannot Help But Recognize The Irony. While I Am Grateful For This Time With My Family, A Part Of Me Is Longing For Life To Return To Normal… Whatever Normal Is Going To Be.

Needless To Say, Contentment Is The Lesson I Am Learning This Week. I Have A Home And A Family, I Have Food To Eat And Work To Do. So Far, No One In My Circle Of Friends And Family Have Died From COVID-19. These Things Mean That I Am In Better Shape Than Millions Of People Around The World That Have Been Impacted By This Virus. I Can Learn To Be Content With What I Have And Enjoy The Extra Moments And Bonding With My Family.

The Writer Of Hebrews Concludes His Letter With An Exhortation That We “Keep On Loving One Another As Brothers (And Sisters).” This Includes Hospitality, Visiting Prisoners, Loving Our Spouse Well, And Then He Says This: “Keep Your Lives Free From The Love Of Money And Be Content With What You Have, Because God Said ‘Never Will I Leave You; Never Will I Forsake You.’

– Dillon Barber