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Celebrating Our Helper and Deliverer

Celebrating Our Helper and Deliverer

Psalm 37. This psalm is a piece of classic Wisdom literature and each segment reads like a stand-alone proverb. It was written as an alphabetic acrostic with each pair of verses (mostly) being started by the next letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It was probably written this way so it could be more easily memorized. (And we’re right back to the value of memorizing the scriptures. )

Theses pieces of wisdom in Psalm 37 were worth holding onto. Though written thousands of years ago this Psalm could have been written yesterday. It openly confronts the struggle that the godly have as they observe the lush, carefree lives of the wicked around them. While the godly struggle to make ends meet, the godless seem to be rolling in the dough. The evil person uses his position and power to try to destroy the righteous while the godly have little recourse.

The question that the godly person faces, when they’re honest, is something like: “Why does that guy, who has no regard for God, have it so good? Why does God let her get away with that? How come I’m getting beat up when God is supposed to be on my side?”

This is what we’re going to explore today.

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