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Celebrating the Lasting Benefits of Trusting God

Celebrating the Lasting Benefits of Trusting God

Our specific Psalm for this morning is Psalm 16. It is a Psalm of David. It’s called a “miktam” of David. Definitions differ as to what that means but it is likely a literary or musical term. Some suggest it simply means “a writing of….” Others believe it is intended to call the a “golden Psalm”—more precious and valuable than gold because towards the end it alludes so plainly to Christ and his resurrection. They argue this Psalm is a New Testament treasure hidden here in the Old Testament.

The central theme of David’s celebration here is the lasting benefits that come when one trusts in God exclusively. David has experienced all sorts of benefits as a result of trusting in God alone and he is praising God because of it. In this Psalm David proclaims that exclusive trust in God leads to three primary lasting blessings. But, before we sort that out, let’s get our arms around what it means to trust God exclusively.

Trusting God exclusively doesn’t mean you trust him perfectly. We tend to idealize heroes of the Bible and think they never doubted God or disobeyed him. But, the Biblical record never reflects that. In fact, it reports honestly on everyone, and more so with leaders. We know David wasn’t perfect from his notorious rape of Bathsheba and the murder of her husband in a failed attempted cover up. Throughout his life David’s emotions wax and wane as demonstrated in his writings, although many times in the Psalms, after blurting out his true feelings, he ends with a statement of truth that he seems to aspire to rather than one he’s currently experiencing.

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