Vital Signs of a Vibrant Church

This morning is our annual mission/vision celebration Sunday. It’s a chance for us to call a time out…lift our heads up off their field and maybe even mentally go to the press box and get a bigger picture perspective. This is a morning to take some stock in where we’ve been this past year together and how God has faithfully led us through each challenge, each opportunity and each blessing. We also want to spend some moments looking ahead and talking openly about what we believe God is calling us to this next year…where he’s asking us to stay the course—and where he’s asking us to take some new risks and new initiatives. Times like these are also good times to assess the overall health of our church and get a read on certain vibrant church vital signs. When we go to the doctor for a basic physical there are certain core health indicators that our Doctor checks—things like blood tests, pressure and pulses, reflexes and weight. Assessing these things give us indications of the overall health of our body.
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