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John 10:10

Shame is in escapable these days isn’t it? Everywhere we turn we receive some sort of message that we aren’t good enough the way we are. Whether it’s the political climate telling us we have to think a certain way. Or Hollywood telling us what kind of body type to have. Or the American culture telling us that we have to have every new toy available, to be busy or you’re lazy, and you’re only good enough if you’re above a certain poverty level.

The problem with living in a cultural climate like this is that it can easily be absorbed into our own way of thinking, including the expectations we set for ourselves. The truth is that these messages are just lies that attack our real Identity in Christ Jesus. Jesus states:

“The thief comes ONLY to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full.”- John 10:10

So, ask yourself, “are you living your life to the fullest?” Or are you allowing those confusing and harmful message steal your identity? Do you believe that you need to conform the standards of the world, or are you looking to the only one who can truly define you?

Spend a few moments reading through Romans Ch. 8. Start at verse 29 for a foundational truth, then go back to the beginning and let God’s word build upon itself as it builds into you.