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Mark Shoquist // Psalm 34:8

Do you want to know what one of the strongest antidotes to fear and despair is? Mediating upon God’s goodness.

As a child of God, He longs for you to know that He is working his perfect plan into your life—whatever the circumstance, and whether you see Him working or not. God continually invites you to explore His goodness.

The writer of Psalm 34 uses an interesting verb to explore God’s goodness: taste. It’s one thing to challenge someone to hear about God’s goodness, or see God’s goodness. But it’s a completely different thing to actually taste. Tasting is close and intimate. Tasting involves a full commitment and an element of trust. God wants much more than for you to just experience His goodness from afar!

Meditating on God’s goodness when things are going well is fairly easy. However, God also wants you to experience more than just the “low hanging fruit” of his goodness during good times—those times when His goodness is obvious. Here’s the key: When fear or despair begin to creep in, you must choose to continually focus on His goodness. It’s there where you are forced to climb higher into the tree to discover more fruit, sweeter fruit that he has specifically prepared for you to enjoy.

To help you begin mediating on God’s goodness, spend several minutes reflecting on, or writing in a journal, these questions:

  • What attributes of God am I most thankful for that demonstrate His goodness to me?
  • As the perfect, loving Father, how has God demonstrated His goodness to me in my life?
  • What am I thankful for?

Enjoy His goodness!