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Patty Herrera // Job 42:1-2

“Then Job answered the Lord and said: I know that you can do all things, and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.” – Job 42:1-2

“Catch me Mom!”  Looking up from in the pool, I could see a tangle of arms and legs flying towards me. There was no fear. There was just an absolute trust that I would be there to catch him before he went under the water.

As an adult who prides herself in constant risk assessment, I marvel at that level of abandonment and sheer trust. I test the water temperature before I ever stick a toe in the pool. I check to see how deep the water is. I look for live creatures that might have fallen in. When everything checks out, I cautiously slip into the pool gradually lowering my quaking limbs one at a time.

Sometimes I wonder if I trust God’s promises in the same way: one slow step at a time to see if what he asserted could really be true. I have noticed that children aren’t plagued with reserved trust. If God said that he answers prayer, then they expectantly look for his answer. If God promises to forgive them, then they confess and move on. If God calls them to tell others about Jesus, then they boldly tell the grocery clerk about him.

What if we abandoned our caution and broke away from our adult-onset wariness? What if we trusted God to be who he says he is and believed that his Word is true? What if we asserted with Job that we know that God can do all things and that his plans cannot not be stopped? Would that make any change in what we do today? What if we can just say, “Catch me Father!” We won’t know until we jump.