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Pastor Ryan Connelly // Psalm 67:3

“May the peoples praise you, God; may all the peoples praise You.” – Psalm 67:3

When your favorite team scores, you raise your hands. When you find out your daughter-in-law is pregnant, you scream and raise you hands. When you visit Disneyland, you can’t help but “raise your hands”. It’s almost safe to say that its a primal instinct. Everyone at one point in life has felt this urge.

The Israelites showed their excitement and enthusiasm for God in praise and worship by raising their hands. This posture of worship in Hebrew was called yadah. It’s one of seven words of praise found in the OT. Its used over 111 times in scripture. The word is defined as “extending your hands” or to “throw out” your hands.

When we look at Psalm 67:3, the word praise was originally written “yadah”. It definitely changes the way you read the verse and is given a broader meaning. The second half of that verse says, “may all the peoples praise (yadah) You.” This posture was not only for the Israelites but for all of us who are apart of God’s family will yadah our Father and for ETERNITY. (Psalm 44:8)

Here at Foothills, we don’t worship nostalgia and we don’t worship style. We simply respond to who GOD is. To extend/throw out our hands is a response of praise for ALL of God’s people. It transcends denomination, culture, time, space. And it will happen for eternity.

So shouldn’t we start practicing now?