Core Values

  • Bible – Our foundational guide for life
  • Prayer – Prayerful dependence in all we do
  • Transformation – Becoming like Christ in all we do / Growth toward Christlikeness is our goal / Life change is our goal
  • Service – Born out of our gifts and call

Searching for a church that fits the needs of everyone in your family can be a challenge. I am a pretty patient guy but, I know when I am looking for something I really need, I want that search to be quick. I want to find what I am looking for and put it to use right away. If you are searching for a church home for your family, we would love to make your search a short one.

Here at Foothills Church we are praying for another short search, the search for God. The Bible tells us that God loves people and is desperately searching for them. Our #1 hope is that people will connect with God through a personal relationship with Jesus. That connection has proven to stabilize lives, quiet restless hearts and give meaning to everyday experiences. We love to see people connect with each other as we grow in our understanding and intimacy with God together. …FINDING COMMUNITY…FINDING GOD!

Enjoy your visit on our site. Better yet, come visit with us in person.

Grace & Peace,
Sr. Pastor Brian Long

Our Affiliation

Foothills Church IS A MEMBER OF
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Our Purpose

We exist to connect people to Jesus and help them grow to love and serve Him.